Vermeer-The-glass-of-wineThe Glass of Wine, Johannes Vermeer (1658)

Imagine with me the music website Pandora for a moment.  New music comes your way based on whether you positively or negatively rate a particular band or musical artist.  If you like Stevie Wonder’s music, for instance, then it suggests other musicians similar to Wonder.  As a result you are introduced to new musical artists.

Now imagine with me your current art likes.  Maybe you like Vermeer and Basquait but not sure who else you’d like.  Or perhaps you simply like abstract art but don’t know any artists’ names.  Finding new art based on your current preferences apart from roaming museums and galleries days on end is difficult.  Now enters Artsy.  The name is a little tongue and cheek (I hope) because it’s content is far from it.  Artsy is the tool to solve the dilemma of finding new art.

Artsy’s mission is straightforward: to make all the world’s art freely accessible to anyone with an Internet connection.  And their audience is both sides of the spectrum, those who are new to art and those who have been around it for awhile.

The collection, from all the around the world, includes over 2o,ooo artworks by over 3,700 artists from leading galleries, museums, private collections, foundations, and artists’ estates.

The backbone of Artsy is The Art Genome Project.  The Art Genome Project puts together the eyes and knowledge of art historians with the genius minds of computer scientists.   What they have created is an experience that analyses what you like based on qualities, historical period, and subject matter.

Discover new art styles and mediums.  Read up on emerging and master artists.  The site is playground for the curious art mind.

The site offers users new tidbits about the art world on their home page.  Once you sign in, the home page will include artists that you like and give insight into a past or contemporary artists that you may not have heard of.  Again, the goal is for you, the user, to walk away more enlightened and to come back for more.

Artsy doesn’t charge for its site.  There are no advertisements you have to sift through.  And if you’re interested in buying art, they have specialists that can connect you to works you like through renowned galleries. There’s no charge for talking with specialists.

Take advantage of the free art tool that is Artsy.  Start discovering art today!

philistinesPhilistines, Jean-Michel Basquiat (1982)

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